Meet Christina

Christina Turner Ward

NJ Wedding Officiant

Spirithearts Weddings 

My Background

I am very fortunate and I am so grateful to have my health, my family, my friends, and this amazing work as a New Jersey Wedding Officiant! What fun and so much joy to work with such wonderful couples and even sometimes meet their children down the road! I have been an ordained, non-denominational minister for 20 years.  I have chosen not to work within the confines of a church, but I perform my service in many other ways, as a Wedding Officiant and spiritual life celebrant and coach, officiating Baby Blessings for the couples I've married, creating ceremonies and celebrations for all of life's transitions and offering pre-marital coaching.


As a Reiki Master/Teacher I work with critically injured in trauma, and with certain cancer patients as part of my service.  As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am honored to lead life affirming workshops and group and one on one courses, including one called, "Dreambuilding Your Marriage". I am proud and humbled that I am thought of as a caring, intuitive counselor and spiritual coach. 

My Values

 My spiritual path embraces these values:  

             We are all One

             Practice Unconditional Loving Kindness, 

                    Gratitude and Forgiveness.

             LIVE in the Present Moment

             We all possess unlimited creative potential

             Do the Right Thing


            Always maintain a Sense of Humor!

I hope that I serve by example.  I am dedicated to serving others by helping them to connect to the Spirit within to discover Who they Really Are. However, I never impose my beliefs on any couples I work with.  I am open to all beliefs, traditions and lifestyles.

Other interesting tibits you may want to know...

For over 25 years, before I "retired" in 2009, I was a successful trainer, facilitator, administrator and manager with experience in both the public and private world.  I hold degrees in sociology and  psychology and I am certified in a variety of in and out of the box business and life management practices. I was also, once upon a time, certified by the National Association of Certified Wedding Consultants.

I live in Hillsborough, NJ with my husband, David, owner of A Greener NJ, LLC (and one awesome classic rock drummer!) my son, Matthew (also, a great bass player!) and my two newest kitties, Leo and Luna.